Frequently Asked Questions About Assignment Help Services

Frequently Asked Questions About Assignment Help Services. Feel free to review our FAQ bank which has the majority of student questions asked by our clients

Assignment Help Service Faq


What is HighGrade Assignment help?

Highgrade Assignment Help is a team of professional writers from diversified disciplines who are engaged in delivering non-technical assignment help to students studying abroad. Our subject matter experts ensure well-researched content, timely delivery, and unique content that helps in getting higher grades. Besides, our organization provides services in other content niches including SEO writing, content script writing, social media blog, Journalistic content writing, and so on.

Where is it located?

Our organization is situated in Kolkata, West Bengal.

What services do you provide?

The service area of HighGrade Assignment Help is diversified. Examples, Academic content, SEO writing, copywriting, content script writing, social media content, technical content, online writing advisory, blog writing, and many more.

Is HighGrade Assignment best fit for my assignment?

Without any doubt, you can rely on HighGrade Assignment Help and surely get benefitted from it. The reasons are, ● You will get experienced and qualified writing faculty of different academic backgrounds● Your paper will go through 3 steps of the quality checking process, QC, Grammarly, and Turnitin. ● Unlimited free rectifications and revisions (if it is found to be the writer’s fault).

How many marks can i get from your assignments?

HIghGrade Assignment Help does not take any guaranteed marks. Instead of this it always assures 100% customer satisfaction by delivering quality work within deadline. It also encourages the clients to check the paper before submitting it.

Is it a legal service?

HighGrade Assignment Help provides tutoring services in the form of assisting its clients through writing services. It never encourages any kind of unethical activities and spoofing in academics. The papers or projects that HighGrade Assignment help provides are only for sample purposes. Clients are advised to make modifications to it.

How do you ensure privacy and confidentiality?

To ensure privacy and confidentiality, HighGrade Assignment Help always avoids taking or using any kind of personal data of the clients in the paper. Before delivering the paper, it ensures the system properties are deleted.

How to validate a fraud assignment service provider?

To validate a fraud assignment service provider, the following steps are required: ● The service provider should have an authentic website. ● The service provider should have social media existence (e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc). ● You should have a phone conversation with the representative and try to identify their intention by asking various questions regarding services (e.g., Name of the representative, location, identity name, terms, and conditions, etc).

What are your charges?

Based on the category of the assignment as well as the word count, the charge varies. The charge is also negotiable.

How can I make the payment?

The representatives will provide you with the official bank details. With the help of any kind of digital transaction process (e.g., Bank transfer) the payment can be made.

Do you accept POD (Payment on delivery) too?

Initially, advanced payment is needed. In case of payment on delivery, terms and conditions are applied. For more details contact the representatives.

How do you ensure the quality of projects?

In developing well-researched as well as quality content various steps are followed by our expertise. All assigned tasks are written by the subject matter experts. Additionally, team leaders in each team keep checking all files to identify whether writers have forgotten to address any particular points which are highlighted in the assignment brief. Finally, all written files are fully checked by our experienced quality checkers before sending the final files to our potential clients.

Why should I go with Highgrade Assignment for my assignment?

Reasons to choose Highgrade Assignment help are: • We have efficient writers from diversified subject niches • We have advanced quality checkers which produce error-free writing. • The satisfaction of the client is our prime policy. If you choose us, we can ensure utmost satisfaction in building long-term relationships. • The representatives are available for communication that would ease the work process and obedience towards following instructions would produce better outcomes.

Whom to contact in case of emergency?

Well, in experiencing improved client support you can directly contact that particular representative with whom you have already connected through email, WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. It would be better to connect with our representatives in case of an emergency.

Can you do short deadline assignment as well?

Our organization is committed to delivering services on time. In managing all those things we have set a well-developed management system to meet the specific demand of our potential clients.

What is the minimum qualification of your experts?

In the hiring process, we chose only various subject matter experts, especially those of non-technical backgrounds who hold a graduation degree. Besides, additional degrees after graduation are considered as their added expertise.

Do you have experts for my subject?

Our organization generally hires subject matter experts so that we can make out the requirements of our clients and deliver well-researched content to them.

Do you charge for correction/revision too?

Our skilled writers write up in the correction and revision file which is free of cost.

I failed to work through a different assignment service provider. Can you help me with small changes in the file?

HighGrade Assignment Help always ensures customer satisfaction from various aspects. If anyone has negative experiences with different assignment services providers then they are also welcome. In case of doing changes, in an existing paper done by someone else, a nominal charge will be required. That too is negotiable.

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