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Facts about Italian Grand Prix 2022 f1

Definition of F1 racing

F1 or Formula One racing is an international car racing event. The International Automobile Federation (FIA) is a global organisation that oversees and regulates Formula One racing. France is the first country to name car racing the ‘Grand Prix’

Italian Grand Prix Schedule 2022 (Time and Place)

The Italian Grand Prix 2022 is scheduled for September 9th-11th, 2022 (Sunday) at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza in the north of Milan and will start from 14:00 GMT. On 9th Sept 2022, Practice 1 and Practice 2 rounds are scheduled. Practice 3 and the Qualifying round will happen on 10th Sept 2022. The final race will occur on 11th Sept 2022. This will be the 16th edition of the Italian Grand Prix.

Participating Racers

The F1 Racer who is participating in the Italian Grand Prix 2022. 20 drivers will compete in the Formula 1 season of 2022. Some of them are-

  • Max Verstappen (Netherlands)- Red Bull Racing
  • Charles Leclerc (Monaco)- Scuderia Ferrari
  • Sergio Perez (Mexico)- Red Bull Racing
  • George Russell (UK)- Mercedes AMGF1
  • Carlos Sainz (Spain)- Scuderia Ferrari
  • Lewis Hamilton (British)- Mercedes AMGF1

Other than that, Italian Grand Prix 2021’s winner Daniel Ricciardo-1st (McLaren-Mercedes) is also participating this year along with Lando Norris-2nd (McLaren-Mercedes) and Valtteri Bottas-3rd (Mercedes). Most of the racers are the winners of some of the prestigious Grand Prix worldwide. This year, the competition will also be as arduous as the previous season. Online booking and pre-booking for the event have been started.

Italian Grand Prix 2022 Time and place

Travel guide

The Monza circuit is situated on the outskirts of Italy’s second-biggest city, Mian. This circuit offers a 5.793 km race track. It also has a well-developed transport facility which includes trams, and metros, along with local trains and buses for its visitors to visit various tourist attractions in Italy. The convenient way visitors would be able to get to the Grand Prix’s location is with the help of local trains, which are around 20 km from central Milan to Monza train station. For reaching the Autodromo Nazionale Monza, visitors could consider using various transportation modes based on the location they would be staying. For instance, if visitors are staying in Milan or nearby locations, the convenient way to reach the Grand Prix’s location is by train.

Rules and regulations which are to be maintained in the circuit
  • Visitors are not allowed to carry dangerous objects, drugs, inflammable substances, or luggage over 15 litres. They would be allowed to be in the circuit if they accompany items like lasers, smoke bombs, sprays, alcoholic beverages, glass bottles, breach umbrellas, and drones.
  • Visitors to the circuit can carry 500ml bottles without caps and plastic bottles for babies. They are also allowed to accompany accessories like umbrellas for rain, tripods, selfie sticks, and other electronic devices like digital cameras with lenses, tablets, and laptops. However, the control staff would instruct visitors at the entrance about using certain objects.

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