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Will Saina’s elusive gold in 2008 be brought back?

Indian team for Badminton world junior championships announced: Will Saina's elusive gold in 2008 be brought back?

The India Badminton team was selected based on its performance at the National junior selection trials and two all-India ranking tournaments. The 2008 BWF World Junior Championship took place in Pune, India. In 2008 Ace Shuttle Saina Nehwal became the first Indian to secure the World Junior Badminton Championship with the direct game win over the Japanese team rival Sayaka Sato in the final. 

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The India team that has announced the world junior championship on Badminton the gold for India will be brought back if the strategies could be followed up as per the game played in the year 2008. The hard work of Saina Nehwal has contributed to her dedication to win the match and get the gold for India, as the same hard work and patience need to be present in the players who are playing for Team India and win the Badminton for the world Junior championship and can set an example as the Saina Nehwal has done for India. The game will be tough in every stage, and it will never be easy for the players to play the game easily and win the gold. As Sania Nehwal also mentioned about her journey towards the game and how she has managed all the tough times to beat and can win for her country, she has contributed all her dedication towards the game and beat all the teams and got the gold for India. 


The coach of the India Badminton Team should guide all the participants of the team and make them confident enough to win the game for the country. The strategies and how to apply the ideas while playing the game with the opposite country, how to tackle the game and keep calm in every situation, and every method should be known to the players while the players are preparing for the game. Saina Nehwal was just 18 years of age when she won the gold at the World Junior Badminton Championship and made every citizen of India proud by contributing her dedication and efforts; not only her dedication but the team of India and her coaches all were there behind the success of the journey. It is not easy to win the game, as stated by Saina Nehwal after she won the gold and she dedicated her journey to the new upcoming players in the World Junior Badminton Championship and making them all strength to fight for the country; she is guiding up the juniors in her way when she was preparing for her junior to get the gold for India. There will be many countries who will be participants, and all the other players are equally strong to play for their countries and make the country proud. All the other junior teams have their ideas and strategies to implement during the time of the game. The only motive to bring back the gold in India as in 2008 Sania Nehwal contributed her gold for the team India is the way to keep the dedications strong and stay fit for the rounds of the game and beat each one of the team to take the seat for the final and win the gold for the team India as the World Junior Badminton Championship.  

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