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India Vs Pakistan 2nd match


india vs pakistan 1st match

Asia Cup 2022, India vs Pakistan

India Pakistan match of Asia Cup of super four round. In the beginning, the Indian batting was tremendously awesome. Virat Kohli was in form and scored 60 out of 44 balls. Indian played their level best and gave the target score of 182. After Pakistan started batting, it felt like Pakistan could not chase this huge score of 182, but Mohammad Rizwan came from Pakistan, a wicketkeeper and batsman, scored the highest above all the players which were 71 runs out of 51 balls with his dislocated knee. Pakistan won a tight game that came down to the final ball as they attempted to reach a target of 182 runs. India dismissed Pakistan’s skipper Babar Azam and Fakhar before they could even cause excessive harm, putting Pakistan on the rear foot for most of the first quarter of the chase. After such aggressive batting by the Pakistan team, there was hope, but unevenly the young player Arshdeep dropped the catch of Asif Ali, and that situation went in favour of Pakistan’s win. 

Pakistan won the toss, but India won the beginning powerplay.

Pakistan won the toss and decided to ball first and wanted to chase. It was the vital decision that paid them off. Similarly, the team India had different plans with their openers, and at the beginning, the captain Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul went all in against the Pakistani bowlers. Both the players were so charged up that they gave India its highest powerplay score of 61 within 6 overs.

Virat bosses the middle inning of India

If the openers’ performance during the powerplay was impressive, Virat Kohli’s performance during the centre of the overs was even better. He had been executing his best shots and taking the lead strong while some other batsmen on the opposing end were arriving, trying to hit a few shots and getting out; however, the points tally was still good. By remaining at a single end, Virat Kohli ensured that India did not lose much momentum heading into the final few overs.

Mohammad Nawaz, the player of the match

After the second wicket of Fakhar Zaman at the run of 63 with 2 wickets comes the match’s player, Mohammad Nawaz. He scored 42 runs out of 20 balls with 2 sixes and 6 fours which was the turning point for the Pakistan team to win the match against India.

Asif Ali and Khushdil Shah finish off

Pakistan was the lock to win in the last innings, but India staged a late recovery. However, Arshdeep Singh lost the catch, and Asif Ali received a lifeline, costing India the game. He scored 19 runs off Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and with Khushdil, they defeated their opponent with one ball remaining. It was a thrilling game; ideally, those two teams played each other again in the championship game on Sunday quite well. Team India tried, but the Pakistani team won the match. 

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