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Former Chairman Of TATA Sons Killed In a Road accidents ​


Former Chairman Of TATA Sons Killed In a Road accidents

Road accidents are becoming a huge issue in India. More than one lakh lives have been lost in India due to road accidents this year. An average of four hundred road accident cases are found every eighteen hours in India. Besides the death events, more than three lakhs of people get injured in road accidents, and some face major deterioration. According to the NCRB, a division of the Ministry of Home Affairs, even if the number of fatalities from collisions peaked last year, the number of collisions and people hurt has decreased since the previous years. According to the data, the rate of fatalities per thousand vehicles in 2021 was greater than that in 2020 and 2019. Danger and careless driving are the main reason for these road accidents. India is a country that faces major traffic during the whole day. Overspeeding and rush driving are the main reasons for ninety per cent of cases. 

Cyrus mystri killed in a road accident

Who was Cyrus Mistry?

Cyrus Pallonji Mistry is an Irish businessman who was born in India. He was the TATA group’s chairperson, an Indian business enterprise. He was the group’s sixth chairman and the second to not have a Tata last name. A selection committee preferred him to lead the Conglomerate in the middle of 2012, and he assumed control in December of that same year. Mistry was dismissed as chairman by Tata Group, the investment group for the Tata Group, in October 2016. After Ratan Tata, the previous chairman, took over again, Natarajan Chandrasekaran was appointed as the new chief a few weeks later. He owned an 18% stake in the TATA Sons by his company Cyrus Investments Pvt. Ltd.Mistry was one of the wealthiest persons in India, with a net worth of close to twenty-nine billion dollars, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index (BBI).

How did this happen?

 Cyrus Mistry died in a road accident near Palghat, Maharashtra. According to the journalists, he returned from Ahmedabad on Sunday with his family. There were four members in the Mercedes. Cyrus Mistry, Jahangir Dhinshaw Padole, Anahita Pandora, and Darius Pandole were in the car at the time of the collision. Mistry and Jahangir Dhinshaw Padole perished in the accident, and Anahita and Darius Padole also suffered major injuries that required hospitalization. The accident took place near the Surya river at 3.15 pm. Based on the police report, the car’s driver at the time of the collision was Anahita, a Maharashtra activist who had been fighting against billboards at Sea Lines. According to the police, the car lost control due to overspeeding.

cyrus mistry accident car photos

Getting involved in a car accident can injure a person and even lead to death. Cyrus Mistry contributed significantly to the TATA group of industries for several years. He had more things to achieve for our country for the rest of his life. A few seconds of mishap took his life in his early fifties. Distracted driving and overspeeding can be dangerous activities for individuals. People should always take this incident as a lesson and be careful while driving. 

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