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Tackling public speaking: do’s and don’ts​

Public speaking-dos and don't of public speaking

Public speaking refers to standing in front of several people who act as audiences and speaking face to face or live on the relevant topic according to the event. The purpose of public speaking is to persuade the audience or to inform them about certain topics. Furthermore, public speaking helps in building a connection with the audience to motivate a change in society.

Anxiety caused due to public speaking-highgrade

It is quite important to tackle public speaking as it would benefit a person in different ways. Additionally, it is also important to tackle public speaking because almost all people have a fear or anxiety of standing in front of a huge population and speaking. There are a few tips, including the Do’s and Don’ts for handling public speaking fearlessly.

Do’s and Don’ts for handling public speaking.

Public speaking-Do's and Don’ts


Being prepared is very important as this would aim to provide enough confidence to the person if a person is well acquainted with the knowledge in regards to the topic. Writing, practising, and noting important points can be very useful to get prepared. 

After being well prepared for the speech, it is important to smile and relax. It can be possible that mistakes can occur while delivering a speech, but it is also important to relax and breathe if something like that happens. Mistakes are common and acceptable until and unless that mistake provides a wrong depiction of the above entire event.

Furthermore, the person needs to slow down, which means giving a slow and boring speech; rather, speaking slowly means speaking in a way that the audience can understand.

Additionally, the person speaking should be engaged in communicating with their audience and making the conversation fun and exciting. Asking questions to the audience, putting them in a scenario according to the event, or engaging in games as the speech proceeds are a few ways to keep the audience excited and enthusiastic, which would ultimately help the speaker gain extreme confidence.


Along with the things that should be done while delivering a speech, one should always make sure that nothing is over, which means that the speaker should be real. The audience does not get bored by the speeches, which are instant and not rehearsed. The speaker should make sure that he is not lying to his audience as it would not help the audience build trust in the speaker. Hence, any information that the speaker provides to the audience will be proven false in that case.

Furthermore, the speaker should always keep in mind that they should never disrespect our audiences while communicating and engaging with them because this would put a bad sense in the minds of the audience in regards to the speaker.

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