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Email for late assignment submission to professor

Email For Late Assignment Submission To Professor



Pursuing higher education is a bit demanding. Students need to submit assignments within a deadline. But for many reasons, students sometimes fail to meet the deadline, and now submitting late assignments is very common among students nowadays. For submitting late, instead of panicking, it is good to inform the professor prior that you will be late in submitting the assignment simply through a mail explaining your reason for being late. If you are also under the same circumstances and you need to inform your professor beforehand that you will be submitting a late assignment, then this blog can guide you.

Time Needed

The required time for an extension

Firstly you need to decide how many extensions you require to complete the due assignment before knowing your time limit; there is no point in expecting anything from the professor. So depending on your work done till now, and your circumstances, you have to decide the extended time first.

Reasons to write this email.

Secondly, you need to know why you are writing the email to your professor. The reason should be aligned with the following,

  • The first and foremost reason should be that you value and respect your professor, and you want him to know that you will be late in submitting.
  • You need to inform the professor why you are late in submitting. Here you need to explain your circumstances, due to which you are unable to meet the deadline. Without any exaggeration, you need to clearly specify your problem to the professor.
  • You are requesting an extension period; that will be very helpful for you to submit the assignment. You want to convince your professor to be kind and allow you for an extended period.
  • The last reason should be that you are writing an apology email. You failed to meet the deadline, so you need to be sorry for failing to meet the expectation. You are mailing to not lose your academic grade, so you need to be polite and sincere to get mercy from the professor.

Reasons for failing to meet the deadline

While writing the reasons for not being able to meet the deadline, you need to mention any logical reason that is reliable. You can also provide proof for the stated reason.

Drafting the mail

  • Address your professor: you should address your professor in the email body. While addressing, you need to be respectful and careful about the professor’s name and designation. Before sending the mail, you need to reconfirm with the official mail id of the professor.
  • Adding a subject: while writing the subject, you need to be clear and specific. You can write an apology for the late assignment submission or request an extension for assignment submission.
  • Writing the mail body: you need to show clarity in the mail body. Without any extra writing, you need to get straight to the topic. You need to reflect that you accept your fault for failing the deadline and are sorry for that. You need to give your introduction first then you can proceed to apologize. After that, you need to mention the reason for the late submission in a very constructive way. You can also attach any additional documents (prescriptions, death certificates) to prove your statement in the mail body. On the concluding note of your mail body, you need to assure your professor that the same thing will not happen again.
  • Attaching documents: this can be optional. If you have the right proof, then you can attach it, unless there is no need to provide fake documents, which will create a bad impression.
  • Closure: on the closure, you need to write your name with your professional signature and mention your student details.

 By keeping the mail brief and constructive in an above-mentioned way, you can show your apology. Along with mailing, you can also talk to your professor directly relating to this.

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