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From heart attack to dementia

From heart attack to dementia: Ultra processed foods contributes significantly to the risks of incidence.

Ultra processed foods cause harm to the human body in more than one way.  It disrupts the normal digestive system and, according to recent medical reports, is extremely damaging to the heart.  People who consume processed foods like sugary drinks and chips have more chances of experiencing dementia in their older ages.  These kinds of foods give rise to chronic diseases that are also informed by unhealthy lifestyles of people and a lack of proper knowledge. 

The majority of people do not understand the reality behind the processing of fast food and ready-made items that are available in the market.  An increase in the consumption of fast-food leads to obesity, heart attack, dementia, and even cancer.  Diseases like obesity and diabetes have started inflicting people from an early age.  This leads to major diseases in the future.  Psychiatric disorder is also a common type of disease these days and emerges mainly from stress and poor health conditions.  Doctors and neurologists have continuously stressed the importance of whole foods and vegetables in the diet of people.  Moreover, the easy availability of packaged foods in the present times has increased their consumption manifold.  People have started taking ultra-processed food like biscuits as a convenient alternative to healthier options.  As a result, vulnerabilities and health disorders have started doubling in the past few years.  There is the risk of renal failure, along with diabetes, and also the risk of a heart attack.

It can easily be identified that a major portion of the people living in urban areas is overweight and diabetic.  It can also be proven that there is a distinct connection between processed foods and the demolition of brain cells.  It can also hamper the level of intelligence in youngsters.  Sweets and baked foods that have been manufactured months before also stimulate the brain and can lead to other major illnesses.  Nutritional authorities and other departments under the World Health Organisation consider seeds, fruits, vegetables, and nuts as healthy foods and saturated fat, sweets, and excessive meat as unhealthy.  There are various academic pieces of research that have proven how fast foods start shrinking the thinking capacity of human beings.  Alcohol and processed meats are dangerous when taken regularly and can take the form of major diseases.  Dementia is also extremely common in the present times.  It severely affects the appetite and can also cause brain fog.  It triggers oxidative stress and makes the person potent to frequent inflammations.  Ultra-processed foods can also lead to frequent heart attacks and strokes.

It has, however, been noted that incorporating smaller and manageable changes in the diet on a daily basis and keeping alternatives handy whenever hungry can make people avoid eating processed foods to a certain degree.  Repeating this habit for a considerable amount of time can reduce the risk of dementia by a certain percentage.  Additionally, engaging in physical activities like yoga, running, or simply walking after meals, is also extremely crucial to ensure the perfect health of the heart and the lungs.

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