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Primary Tet Results Come After 7 years

Primary TET Results 2014

After 7 Years, The TET Pass-Out of 2014 Got a Chance For An Interview. Thanks to the High Court

About the Exam

TET is a Teacher Eligibility Test that is considered the minimum qualification in India to teach students from classes 1 to 8. To teach students in Indian Government schools, these tests are important. In west Bengal 2015, TET was proposed to be conducted by the West Bengal board of primary education. National Council for teachers’ education makes the framework of the west Bengal TET. Almost three million students were graduating from the universities expected to write the exam in 2016. This was a ten-fold increase in the students who had appeared for the last year’s TET.

West Bengal Teacher Recruitment Scam

The conduct of TET was not smooth at that time in West Bengal. The West Bengal government used to change the qualification criteria from year to year, which made the students stressed during examinations. Archana Ghosh Sarkar, the chairperson of  WBBPE, has said students with greater qualifications are also submitting forms to appear in the examinations. The huge number of students applying for the TET examination was the direct outcome of unemployment in this state. Before this government, the 34-year uninterrupted reign of the CPIM (Communist Party of India- Marxist) party consisted of steady examination and industrialization in this state. Unfortunately, the government led by Mamata Banerjee failed to conduct regular based TET examinations in this state. The ruling party made a huge scam with the employees’ lives. Teachers eligible for the interview were not even called for an interview. Unemployment has risen multiple times in West Bengal. Teachers started protesting over the scam and came onto the roads to protest against the government scam. The opposition parties of BJP, CPIM and Congress stayed beside the students and did several protesting marches.

Tet News 2014

The Central Bureau of Investigation and Enforcement Directorate reviewed the teachers’ eligibility tests. According to the ED and CBI, multiple irregularities have been made in the appointments of the TETs since 2014. A division bench of the Calcutta High Court was made to investigate the irregularities by ED and CBI in the appointments of the West Bengal primary teachers.

calcutta high court


The entire investigation was made in the court with Abhijit Gangopadhyay, the single bench of the justice. The judge wanted to see the periodic reports from the probe agencies. The division bench directors were Subrata Talukdar and Lupita Banerjee. Under the supervision of justice Abhijit Banerjee, the direction of the forensic was handled by CBI with no interference from the ruling party. Under Justice Gangopadhyay’s attentive supervision, the TET-2014 candidates and their consequent placements in primary schools have undoubtedly come to life. Manik Bhattacharya, president of the West Bengal board of primary education, was removed from his official position. It was alleged that 269 people qualified for the teacher position and were later appointed due to this one higher mark. The appellants have claimed that there were almost eleven thousand trained and twenty-nine thousand untrained candidates appointed as teachers from TET-2014. This was the success of the Calcutta High Court and the candidates who fought over the injustice and stayed on the path irrespective of danger.

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