You are currently viewing Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah will handle BCCI till 2025

Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah will handle BCCI till 2025

Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah will handle BCCI till 2025

The Apex Court dispensed its green signal providing the approval of the constitutional amendment of BCCI. This cleared the way for Sourav Ganguly as the chairman and Jay Shah as the secretary to continue in office without complying with the required cooling down period like the previous proposal by the Supreme Court. Judge DY Chandrachud stated that a board member can serve 12 consecutive years, together with six years in the association of state and 6 years in BCCI, before the commencement of a 3-year cooling-off phase. The division bench also affirms that a member of the office can hold a separate designation for separate consecutive terms. Both BCCI, including the association of the states and afterwards, can be in the service of a 3-year phase.

About the cooling-off phase:

This highlights that no person can hold his post for more than 6 years on the board at the national or state level. If someone wishes to do so, he is liable to follow this rule. That simply clarifies that no one can stay appointed to any such position for the upcoming 3 years

The efficiency of the modifications:

A bit biased and favouring decision may seem in favour of the BCCI and seems to remind the power of domination. Simultaneously officials would be pleased after knowing the balanced work culture deeply.

Sourav ganguly and jay sah

Background of Ganguly and Shah:

President Ganguly previously served as a captain of the Indian national cricket team and is regarded as one of the most successful test captains who won 21 test matches out of  49.  

Jay Shah was in the service of Joint Secretary of Gujarat Cricket Association from 2013 and was a member of the Finance Committee of the BCCI in 2015. Then in 2019, he was selected as the BCCI President for One and half years.

The optimistic side of this reappointment:

It can be hoped that under the former skipper Sourav Ganguly and Jay Shah, management, players, and leadership will rise and contribute significantly. Everyone witnessed how comfortably the Indian Cricket Team could withstand the pressure of the ICC match events with alacrity. These two officials are supposed to yearn for a title under their management that will silence all the criticisms.

Before joining BCCI in 2019, both were in the service of a single term at the State level, seemingly meaning that they wouldn’t be debarred under the existing rules. The Supreme Court’s recent resolution proved a big relief for both.

Though the performance of the Indian cricket team was not up to the mark, it is still believed that the duo of Ganguly and Shah will surely bring some optimistic changes to boost up the performance ahead of the T20 World Cup. Their concern at the end of the Asia cup was expressed. It is good to see them reelected, as, under their management, Team India turned up to be thriving markedly.

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