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The Oxford LITERARY Festival Got Cancelled

The Oxford LITERARY Festival Got Cancelled

The Oxford LITERARY Festival Got Cancelled , and it leaves devastating for book and literature lovers. In this era of online games and YouTube vlogs, some people still acknowledge and value readings over spending time on social media. Maybe they are the reason literacy festivals are still taking place.


Reasons for cancellation of UK literacy festivals 2022

After the coronavirus outbreak, the literacy festival of Oxford got cancelled as there were restrictions regarding public gatherings and Covid-19-related restrictions. The festival authority was enthusiastic about getting an opportunity to arrange the festival these years; however, as the reasons for cancelling the festival, the authority is assuming multiple causes. The first reason they found out is that the living crisis across the United Kingdom makes people work harder to earn more money. The sudden surge of Covid-19 and the impact of Brexit leave the citizens of the United Kingdom in an economic crisis. The festival authority decided that the festival will organise for 10 days, and due to the low sale of tickets and lack of interest of people, the festival authority believes that the living crisis is increasing in the United Kingdom and the government needs to take serious steps to mitigate the situation. Per the statements by the festival authority, they have been facing multiple difficulties for the last two years as consecutive events are making them demotivated, and the authority sees no hope of conducting the literacy festival in the next years.

Cost of Living crisis

Importance of literacy festivals

There is always a debate about the existence of literacy festivals, and multiple people believe that engaging in studying and analysing literature is for wealthy people. When the country is in an economic crisis and drowning the economy of the United Kingdom, the government should focus on improving people’s lives rather than conducting literary festivals. Literature is not an out-of-world concept; this is a form of art which expresses society’s current scenario. However, people are choosing their lives more than cherishing literature. The authority is now focusing on finding alternative ways so that in future, they can run literacy festivals and encourage people to come to the festivals. Every large and small city and town in the United Kingdom is willing to conduct literacy festivals to keep people aware of the importance of literature.

It is an initiative that the authorities are taking to engage people outside the online world. Not only are people, but literacy festivals also provide opportunities for academic writers, publishers and article writers to present their writing and work in front of literacy lovers. They believe that the value of literacy will never diminish; they need to keep engaging with their work and conduct more literacy festivals. The living crisis in the United Kingdom is hitting people hard, and the authorities expect this situation to go away soon and that they can conduct literacy festivals in the upcoming years.

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