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Lionel Messi Overtakes Ronaldo Non Penalty goal Record

Lionel Messi Overtakes Ronaldo Non-Penalty goal Record

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Lionel Messi GOAT

Messi, an Argentine footballer, who currently plays his role as the captain of Argentina National Team and also as a forward for Ligue 1 club Paris Saint-Germain. He is largely viewed as among the greatest athletes, having won the Ballon d’Or seven times as well as a record six European Golden Shoes. His entire professional journey was spent with the team Barcelona where he started his career and won seven Copa Del Ray titles, ten La Liga titles, and four champion leagues of UEFA. Messi was thirteen when he shifted to Barcelona to join the football team, and at the age of 22, Messi won the first Ballon d’Or.

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Messi vs Ronaldo - who is the Best?

Messi and Ronaldo are indeed among the two most significant players of all time. They have largely coincided careers in which the entire football viewers has been divided into two halves due to their rivalry for excellence. Christiano Ronaldo has scored 804 goals in his 1106 football outings throughout his life, whereas Lionel Messi has scored 759 goals in his 957 outings. According to the statistics, Cristiano has scored more goals than Messi. 

Messi Vs Ronaldo

The recent discussion over the two greatest players emerged when Lionel Messi overtook Christiano Ronaldo in the non-penalty goal record. Lionel Mesi boosted the argument one major step when on Sunday, he passed on one of the impressive records of the CR7. Messi scored only 1 goal in the match and won over Lyon. The goal was created by Neymar and helped PSG to work on their unbeaten start in the league 1 season. Lionel Messi now has four goals out of eight leagues 1 and already beating his pace of the disappointing last season. Here the role is reversed between him and Ronaldo as the latter achieved just once in the eight games. According to the Daily Mail, Messi’s goal increased his total of non-penalty goals to 672, breaking Cristiano Ronaldo’s previous mark of 671. Messi has been fantastic in the second, scoring five goals and bagging seven assists. This performance is a complete contrast to the first debut season in France. 

The 24 goals he scored in the 2021–2022 season stand in marked contradiction. Ronaldo’s slow start to the 2022–23 campaign has given Messi the chance to surpass one of his records. His opponent’s 671 non-penalty goals were surpassed with the goal against Lyon, bringing his total over his professional career to 672. Messi has also managed to hit his mark in 150 more games. The next record targeted by Messi is the 37-year-old’s champions league which would be a milestone achievement for him. Though Ronaldo has 140 goals which is 14 more than Lionel Messi, his performance this year would help Lionel to overcome the gaps. It seems as though Lionel Messi has firmly established himself as the best player in the world over the last few years.

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